Faith Baptist Mission

Faith Baptist Mission (FBM) is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Winter Haven, Florida.

Faith Baptist Mission seeks to meet the biblical mandate of training, equipping, evaluating and supporting missionaries by assisting churches as an integrated auxiliary/mission society of Faith Baptist Church of Winter Haven, Inc.

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Kathryn Miller - Faith Baptist Mission

Kathryn Miller

I have been teaching at Sahel Academy since the fall of 2009. Sahel Academy is located in Niamey, Niger. The school was started over 30 years ago as a school for missionary children. Today the school reaches out to the missionary families, Embassy families, ONG families and local families within Niamey.

I have taught in most of the elementary grades and this school year I have been the kindergarten teacher.  In January of 2017 I stepped into the position of being the Elementary Principal. I have been able to lead a few of my students to the Lord. These students who have accepted the Lord have been from the Embassy families or the ONG families. It is exciting to see these little ones grow in the Lord during the time of them being here at Sahel Academy.

I have also been able to work with and mentor other school teachers as they are at the school. Before coming to Sahel Academy, I was in Mali for over 20 years teaching the children of missionary families so that the children did not need to be sent to a boarding school at a young age. I have been able to share with teachers at Sahel Academy the Lord calling me into missions and daily seeking the will and direction of the Lord.

While at Sahel Academy I have also been able to have Bible studies in my home, for ladies. I have helped with an ESL program for adults, I have had many folks in my home for meals and also have opened up my home for ladies who have needed a place to stay for a few nights, as they are in Niamey.