Missionaries We Support
1.  Glenda !
        South Asia
2.  Larry & Jane Golin
        Retired: International Director
             Ministries to the Disabled
3.   Dr. Tim & Nancy Hepworth
        ABWE Medical Director
4.  Steve & Sue Mayo
5.  Richard & Betty Sterkenburg
        Retired from Brazil
6.  John & Betty Teusink
7.  Tim & Barb Vermilyea
        Quebec, Canada
8.  Gary & Nancy DeJong
        Retired, South Asia

Ambassador International Mission
9.   Lois Carmichael
          Retired from England
10. Randy & Kari Teachout
       The Pines

11. Scott & Lisa Conner
        Northern MI
12. Clarissa Barton
        Retired, Bibles International
13. Dan Brower
        Retired, Brazil
14. Gene Bryant
        Retired from Jewish Ministry
15. Hye Ree Park
        Bibles International
16. Mark & Anita Swedberg
17. Fred & Rachel Whitman
18. Jon & Melodee Whitman
        Bibles International
          CBM President
          Church Builders 
  Faith Baptist Mission
23.   Kathryn Miller
International Teams
          North American Representative
                 El Refugio, Ecuador
Rice Lake Release Time
          Release Time Ministry
Spanish American Mission
Tentmakers Bible Mission
Agencies & Schools
Insight Pregnancy Resources
Baptist Children’s Home
Christian Memorial Hospital Bangladesh
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Faith Bapt. Bible Collage, IA
Frontier School fo the Bible, WY
General Assoc. of Regular Bapt.
Lincoln Lake Baptist Youth Camp
MI Assoc. of Regular Bapt. Ch.
Radio Bible Class
Regular Baptist Press, Brazil


 That The Whole World May Know

     Worldwide Missions is at the heart of God's love and has a large place at First Baptist Church of Newaygo, MI. We currently assist in the support of 24 missionaries, of which 3 have been sent out from among us.
     Because the church is commanded by the Lord to evangelize the world and instruct those who believe, we engage in missionary work with and through those of like faith and practice to fulfill the great Commission. MA 28:19-20

     Church Statement of Faith & Missionary Statement of Agreement

     Church Missionary Policy


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