James & Beth Wittenberger

    James & Beth Wittenberger Summary    

      I grew up on a dairy farm near Richfield, WI. My brothers are still farming there. Beth grew up in Newaygo, Michigan. James was saved during evangelistic meetings in Hartford, WI at the age of 13 and Beth was led to the Lord by her grandmother at the age of 7. Beth had dedicated her life to the Lord as a child in camp and James while at a youth meeting in West Bend, WI. James graduated from LeTourneau College in 1973 as an Aviation Tech major. We met while attending the Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music in which James was enrolled in Missionary Aviation and Beth in Christian Education. We were married in 1974 and I graduated from the Missionary Aviation Program in 1975. It was in 1976 we joined Baptist Mid-Missions. Baptist Mid-Missions was chosen based on their Biblical stand and was recommended by another missionary from Africa. In 1977 James was ordained to the Gospel ministry.

       From 1979 to 1990 we served in Liberia until the tribal war forced all missionaries out of the interior in 1990 and soon out of the country.  While in Liberia I flew and maintained both airplane and helicopter doing village evangelism and church planting in the NE section of Liberia.  Along with that I also taught in the Bible School on the Mission Station.  This all ended when the tribal war forced the sudden evacuation of missionaries and the conflict continued for 7 years until elections were held in the summer of 1997. However fighting continued until fair and open elections took place in 2005 under the watchful eye of 15,000 UN peacekeepers.

       In 1991 a change in ministry occurred when it was evident that Liberia was not going to reopen and we were accepted by Bibles International, Baptist Mid-Missions translation and publication division located in Grand Rapids, MI.  I am doing computer typesetting and editing on language projects mostly that have not previously been translated. I assist in maintaining the computer network system as the Information Systems Coordinator. Scripture printing is done around the world with some projects printed in Korea or India.

      We are living north of Grand Rapids in the town of Newaygo where our home church is, First Baptist Church of Newaygo.  I work in AWANA, serve on the Missionary Committee and serve on the deacon board. I also served on the Newaygo County Baptist Academy school board for 6 years. Beth works in AWANA and provides special music in song and helps with various projects and other committees.

       We have 22 supporting churches and 14 individuals. Our current support level is just about 80%. We would like to challenge you with the opportunities and needs of Bible translation thru Bibles International!   


       Home Address:  211 Park St., Newaygo, MI  49337  Phone: (231-652-6410)   e-mail:

       Bibles International Address:  609 36th  ST. SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49548   (616) 942-7712

       Mission Address:  Baptist Mid-Missions, PO Box 308011, Cleveland OH  44130-8011  (440) 826-3930


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