Tim & Barb Vermilyea with ABWE

Tim and Barb Vermilyea responded to God’s call in their lives for vocational missionary service in 1985.  They moved to the Quebec City, Quebec region in 1986 – they’ve called that part of the world “home” ever since.  Their children all grew up in the French-language and French-Canadian cultural setting; all are perfectly bi-lingual and hold dual citizenship.  Church-planting and leadership training have been the driving passions of their ministry since they arrived in what is known as “la belle province” (the lovely province).  The first ten years in Quebec, the Vermilyeas were part of the Baptist Mid-Missions missionary team.  In 1996 they became a part of ABWE’s new initiative in the province – they have now served with the ABWE team for 18 years.

Church-planting has been and continues to be a major part of the ministry in Quebec City.  In 2004 an evangelistic Bible study was begun in the city with the goal of forming a nucleus of believers that would become a new church.  [The greater Quebec City region’s population is approximately 750,000 – there are still only a small number of Gospel-preaching churches seeking to reach the most unevangelized people-group (French-Canadians, les Québécois) in the Western Hemisphere.]  In 2005 Credo Baptist Church was established under the leadership of the Vermilyeas and ABWE colleagues, Mark & Jill Billington.  The church is growing, is being led more and more by national leadership, and is beginning an initiative in 2014 of establishing a missional community in another area of the city, the expansion of Credo Church.

Canada is, per capita, the #1 nation in the world to welcome immigrants.  That reality is part of God’s leading to an expanded ministry for Tim and Barb.  Two years ago a “new” logo was added to their prayer card and their ministry accent.  Crossing Cultures w/o Crossing Borders is possible almost anywhere in Canada, including Quebec City.  God is bringing the nations of the world to North America, which means that multi-ethnic and multi-cultural churches can be established.  Credo Church currently has 8 nationalities represented in the family.  The Vermilyeas are also seeing an expanding ministry as they work with ABWE teammates in Toronto who are ministering in the Chinese community (nearly 500,000 Mandarin-speakers)…and helping with the establishment of a new ministry team in the city of Montreal that will minister in French, English, Arabic and other languages.  On a personal note, they are thrilled that their daughter, Mandi, is currently raising support with ABWE to join the Montreal team!




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