Missionaries with ABWE 1958 - 1998.

We retired after 40 years in Brazil.  While on the field we started and assisted in 5 church plants and aided the ministry in 16 congregations over the years.  Dick taught and served in various capacities in the Sao Paulo Baptist Seminary and as President in his final 14 years.  Betty was always active in teacher training at the church level and or in the Seminary program.  At the seminary she served as office coordinator, dean of women and librarian (putting ten thousand books on computer card files).  In December of 2011 the Seminary dedicated its new edifice.  We were there for the occasion.  I was the dedicatory speaker.  They have named the building "The Dr. Richard and Sra. Betty Sterkenburg Edifice - That in this edifice Jesus Christ might always have the preeminence, Cl 1:18."   A week later the Pan American Christian Academy, where I served as Treasurer for thirty years, presented me with a Christian Service award.   To God be the glory!

I am currently working on a fund raising effort of two thousand dollars for a sign to be placed in front of our Brazilian Seminary (see artist conception).

We continue our  volunteer work  two afternoons a week at the Radio Bible Class Ministries (RBC-ministries - soon to be changed to OurDailyBreadministries).  Betty works in the mail department and Dick in graphics.  I also write a monthly blog for RBC's Brasilian office calling myself the "Word Doctor."   I take one Biblical word and show how understanding that word helps to understand the text. I wrote the time line charts for all the books of the Bible for RBC's "Adventuring through the Bible" by Stedman.   A project of over a hundred hours of work and drawings.  I have returned to the mission field to give Master's level seminars in Liberia, Sao Paulo and Lisbon, Portugal.  I have extensive correspondence with people at the rate of about five hundred yearly.    For exercise I play tennis twice weekly for two hours.  while Betty uses the exercise machines.  And with what time is left I make and repair mantel, wall and floor clocks.  And last but not least we recently celebrated our 61st wedding anniversary.  




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