The Hepworths

     After 20 years of ministry in South Asia, in 2010 God moved Tim & Nancy to the ABWE home office where Tim serves as Director of Missionary Healthcare and Nancy is the Child Safety Officer. This was a big change for us and not one that we anticipated or desired. Yet our Sovereign God has charge of our lives and now we can understand some of the “whys” behind this shift.
      Tim’s primary responsibility is to oversee the healthcare of over 1150 missionaries worldwide. Medical consultations are done face-to-face, as most of us experience in the US, but also does a lot of “telemedicine” with consultations by phone, Skype, & email. Tim is also active in recruitment of healthcare personnel and strategic evaluation of both current and new fields  
     Nancy is developing child safety education materials. She is responsible for training ABWE personnel on the prevention of child abuse. Nancy also receives reports of suspected child abuse cases that involve any of our personnel or missionary children. Then she has the responsibility of ensuring that the reports are investigated.
     Nancy continues to use her master’s degree in TESOL and is active in ESL doing one-on-one teaching locally and acting as a consultant. Tim & Nancy were part of a team that went to a Christian college in Moldova in May 2012. Nancy taught an intensive English class and Tim did medical consultations for the students. We will serve there again in May 2013.

Home address:
       1910 Roxbury Court
               Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Contact Info:      Tim        717-649-3023          

                          Nancy    717-649-9231          

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