Clarissa Barton

       Missionary with BMM 1958 – 2008, serving first in Africa and then with Bibles International

       Bibles International benefits greatly from the ministry of its volunteers. I joined their ranks when I retired from BI in July 2008. By then, volunteer Claire Hossack and I had worked together on French language literacy materials for eight years. This partnership has continued. In the past couple of years, Claire and I finished polishing the French models for the Bible storybook, Stories of the Nation of Israel. (The attached photo was taken during one of those work sessions in the BI library.) In the fall of 2013, we worked together via email to edit a new teacher’s manual that she was creating to use in Chad, Africa.
     Claire is the daughter of BMM missionaries in France, and French was her first language. She was a welcome addition to BI’s literacy team headed for Chad late in 2013. One of the team’s goals was to prepare some of the earlier Chadian literacy materials for republishing. Years ago, I had been the literacy consultant to help get many of those first editions into print. Now, with stocks depleted, there was much work ahead to prepare the second editions.  As the team started the process, some of their email questions were directed to me. A thank you note from the team leader came to me in November:  “Thanks for all the help you continue to be as we see things move forward in Chad!”
     Claire stayed on in Chad long after the others had returned to the USA. She was thrilled to be training Chadians who would be able to teach their people how to read God’s Word. As Claire tackled her first ever teacher-training sessions in Africa, she wrote to me, “Thank you for all you’ve taught me down through the years.”
     I no longer go into the BI office on a regular basis, but proofreading assignments come my way from there. If a staff member should want my input, I’m as near as a phone call or email message. Occasionally, there’s a question about the history of BI’s literacy materials, or someone might ask where to search for a hard to find document.
     I'm enjoying time to be more active in the church I attend here in Jenison, and I’ve learned much myself as I’ve done some one-to-one mentoring sessions. A new Bible study class is in the offing, and I’m looking forward to being one of the students. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

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